Integrative Arthritis and Pain Consultants has implemented many safety measures over the last month in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our patients safe. We want you to know about them!


Firstly, we are offering Telemedicine appointments for those patients who do not require procedures. Telemedicine appointments can be done via computer, iPad, or smartphone. Patient and doctor have a video chat and treatment decisions can be made. Some limited physical exam can also be accomplished. The advantage of Telemedicine is that the patient stays home and does not have to risk exposure by coming to the office. But clinicians are still available on site for any patient who needs a procedure (injection or test) that cannot wait.


Secondly, for all patients that need to physically come to the office, temperatures are being taken at the door. This ensures that no one with a fever is in the building. Patients are also asked to wear a mask inside the building.


Appointments for lab and infusion are ongoing but are being staggered to avoid contact with other patients. Patients call from their cars in the parking lot and check-in over the phone. Infusion suite patients are being separated by at least 6 feet during their infusion. We are also using other rooms to deliver medicine so that vulnerable patients can be completely isolated. Based on a patient’s co-morbidities and level of disease control, Dr. Suneya may suggest postponing or skipping some infusions completely. She is reviewing the infusion schedule weekly and contacting specific patients with suggestions and recommendations as needed. We are very closely monitoring local conditions and making the best decisions we can to ensure the safety and health of our patients.


Because the pandemic is ongoing and a resolution time-frame remains very uncertain, IAPC recommends continuing to take prescribed medicine at the appropriate doses. Please call with questions and concerns; we are here to help!