What We Practice

Our practice is founded on the principle that all human beings have a mind, body, and spirit, and that the best treatment of patients is based in this understanding.  Dr. David and Suneya Hogarty have their roots in osteopathic medicine which emphasizes looking at the whole as well as the individual parts. More recently this philosophy has been described as integrative.

Who We Are

At Integrative Arthritis and Pain Consultants we look to uncover the underlying causes of pain, and help find solutions that will provide long-lasting relief and healing. We use the most recent techniques to diagnose injuries, and work with our patients to understand their medical history, and develop a plan going forward.

Meet the Staff

Our staff are all trained in the latest medical procedures, and are always looking to find new ways to help patients find the healing they deserve. Give us a call to find out if we can help you find a solution for your musculoskeletal pain, or browse our website to see the various treatments and services we offer.